The Adams Store

Adam's Store

The Goshen Historical Society logo is not a fictitious place. It’s a real store in historic downtown Goshen, Indiana. The building was constructed as part of a block of retail stores by Charles A. Harper during 1888. In this particular building he had “a first class boot and shoe establishment” according to newspaper accounts at the time.

GCAdamsSign300W2When Mr. Harper retired from active business in 1901, he leased the store to Mr. C. [Charles] G. [Granville] Adams & Sons, a business that sold jewelry, men’s and women’s shoes and other accessories.

Adams workers 1906  The interior was remodeled. New shelving was placed in the long store and the display window lengthened. The entry doorway proclaimed the new business as “The Adams Store.”


By 1906 a balcony was added at the back of the store. A modern front was built with show windows on each side of a centered entry door.

Second generation Adams’ continued the “dry goods” establishment. In addition, the store became the official distributor for Boy Scout merchandise.

Polly_smallThe third generation to continue the business was not a son but a daughter, Ruby Pauline Adams, known as Polly. Polly did not change the name on the door or the type of merchandise that was sold.


Adams Store front_smallAt the time of this picture, the sign on the door to the left of the store entry indicates at least one of the upstairs apartments was leased to Dr. Hout, Osteopathic Physician.


In 1997, the property was purchased by the Goshen Historical Society. The Society replaced the heating/cooling system, the plumbing and lighting. Volunteers cleaned the original cabinetry and showcases and brought in items that tell the story of the city of Goshen.

Thanks to the vision of some Goshen historians, the Adams name has not been replaced. It continues in the name, “Goshen Historical Museum, The Adams Store.”


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