Donating Artifacts

Want to help preserve Goshen’s story? Keep the museum in mind as you go through your belongings.

One of the big responsibilities of the museum is to properly handle items that are placed in its care. This includes purchasing acid-free boxes and files for storing items when they are not on display. It means having appropriate storage and display space. To be able to fulfill our responsibility, we have four criteria for accepting items into the museum:

  • The item is relevant to the city of Goshen and surrounding rural areas
  • The background of the item can be identified
  • The cost of care does not outweigh the value of the item
  • The item is free from restrictions like “indefinite loan”

You may bring your item to the museum any time during museum hours.

If your item does not meet the criteria for our museum, we can make suggestions for an alternate site.





Preserving and sharing the ongoing story of Goshen